Our Services

No matter if you need a routine dental check up or if you want emergency dental surgery, you can trust Kent Dental Clinic. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services.Our highly experienced team of dentists has the expertise as well as the will to deal with all the dental problems that you are facing, ranging from orthodontics to general dentistry and teeth whitening. We provide following services.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on preventing problems caused by an irregular bite.

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filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function & shape.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal to hold the replacement tooth.

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Porcelain Restoration (Veneers)

When your our teeth have unwanted stains. Veneers is the solution to this cosmetic dentistry problem.Read More

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry is the technique for keeping the teeth healthy and germ free.

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges are mostly used to replace the broken or missing teeth.

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is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence.

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Root Canal (Endodontics)

Root Canal is the process of removing infected, injured or dead pulp from your tooth.

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Branch of dentistry that deals with diseases surrounding teeth tissues.

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