Welcome to Kent Dental Clinic

Located in the heart of Ottawa, Kent Dental Clinic is recognized for its state-of-the-art dental care service andguaranteed treatment. We offer dental care service throughout Ottawa, ensuring that you get the best dental care you deserve.

Chief Dentist – Dr. Haysam Shabaan

Dr. Haysam Shaaban graduated from University of Western Ontario Schulich School of Dentistry. Seeking adventure, he worked for 4 years as an associate dentist in the NorthWest Territories and Nunavut. It was a rewarding experience professionally as well as personally. As a dentist he was able to work on challenging cosmetic cases in individuals who had very little dental care in their lifetime. He returned to Ontario to settle in his current practice Kent Dental Clinic in 2000. He has developed a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and is certified in implant dentistry from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry Implant Residency Program. In Ottawa he has found a true balance between his love of nature and culture. An avid outdoorsman, he takes every opportunity to camp, fish and snowmobile. He is also proud to have coached all three of his kids’ soccer teams.


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Our Team

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Dental Assistants

An indispensable part of our team, our dental assistants play an important role in keeping our daily routine running smoothly. Their primary role is to interact with our patients by first greeting them, escorting them into a treatment room and then assisting the dentists during the procedure. They set up treatment rooms before appointments and, ensure proper sterilization of our instruments.

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Our Administrators

Our Dental Administrative Team is usually the first contact that you have with our office. Whether you reach us by phone, email or by walking in the front door, our administrative team are always ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They will help you to co-ordinate all your appointments and help you to understand your treatment needs.

Kent Dental Clinic

Kent Dental Clinic aims to help achieve the highest level of dental care that is customized according to the need of every individual. We strive for excellence in our personal and professional service which is geared towards the highest degree of care, empathy and comfort. With our unparalleled dental care services, we aim to improve the quality of your life. We also focus on nurturing an environment that is appropriate to provide an excellent treatment.

For us, customers always come first. That is why our team is always prepared to go an extra mile for our customers, forming a lasting partnership that is unbreakable. Our dental care services are suitable for all age groups. We provide dental services and treatmentsfor your entire family.

A fair fee is a fee for which I will exercise my utmost care, skill and judgment and that the patient will pay with gratitude and appreciation.